Trophies & Cups

BJ Burton’s Trophies & Engraving offer the largest range of trophies on display in the region. We can customise your order by adding your club logo and can even theme your trophies to compliment club colors.


Don’t be overwhelmed by all the choices. Our largest customers trust us and our experience to select the best trophies to suit your budget. We know what works and what doesn’t!

Remember, we’re not just for locals. Through word of mouth recommendations, our business has grown and we now send orders Australia wide. Our customers trust us to get it right!

Of course your welcome to select your own trophies and it’s easy. Just browse the websites of our preferred suppliers (below) or visit us in-store to discuss your requirements.

When you find an item you like, simply note the website, and item number, then contact us for a quote.

Please remember while browsing, that most components are interchangeable. For example; if you like the style of one particular trophy but it is displayed with a different sporting figure to what you are looking for, it is most likely that we can change the figure to an appropriate category that suits your needs.